We are business builders, not just investors. Our core philosophy is to prioritize the individual and the customer, over the balance sheet.

The Pritzker family traces its roots to Nicholas J. Pritzker, who immigrated to Chicago in 1881. Nicholas established Pritzker & Pritzker as a law firm in 1903. Over the course of the next 100 years, Pritzker & Pritzker migrated into a merchant bank for the family’s economic holdings. In the 1990s, the name was changed to The Pritzker Organization (TPO) to reflect its commercial, rather than legal, mission. Through the successive leadership of A.N. Pritzker, followed by Jay, followed by Tom, The Pritzker Organization has worked with partners and management teams to found, acquire and build companies. This resulted in a significant and diverse portfolio of businesses which were, for the most part, privately held.

We carefully listen to ideas and craft creative action plans to effectively address each opportunity. We support our teams and encourage them to pursue their passions and expertise to advance the mission of each business. We believe that our track record is the natural outcome of this approach.

We build. Building successful businesses is about people, products and customers. Our  strategy supports exceptional business builders to harness their expertise and pursue their passion. When we do that well, we believe that good things will follow.


We are shaped by our experience. Our culture was formed during an era in which high leverage was the exception, not the rule and, in our case, we did not focus on an exit strategy as a key criteria. We tend to think like the founders of a business. As a result, when we become involved in a business, we seek to stay involved for a very long time – we are not looking for a finish line.


We work with our own capital. Whether we’re founding, acquiring or providing growth capital to a business, we think strategically and for the long term. This gives us unusual flexibility to tailor our actions to the needs of the business and its customers.


We create robust businesses that benefit employees, customers and communities.

Over our long history, we have built several multi-billion dollar companies. Looking past short-term investment horizons allows us to hold our companies for decades. That commitment has helped guarantee continuity of management and has generated attractive returns for us and our partners. Here are six examples that reflect our thinking:


We seek to connect with like-minded people who share our commitment to building robust enterprises.

The Pritzker Organization

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